How Hurricanes Affect Our View of God

[Episode 023]

Hurricanes are devastating no matter where they end up.  We’ve just come through two massive hurricane hits with Harvey in Texas and Irma in Florida.  Both are reminders of the power of nature, not to mention the power of God.  Frankly, I’m tired of people blaming God for every natural disaster that affects them or those they love.



Mayweather, MacGregor & Mass Appeal

[Episode 022]

Mayweather and MacGregor had a boxing match.  It brought in gazillions of dollars for many organizations and individuals.  Sadly, it meant nothing to the vast majority of most of the world.  This happened 12 days ago and nobody cared within 24 hours of the fight.  Hmmm?  So, what can we learn from this huge money grab?  More than you think.

Mayweather MacGregor


How to Let Movies Impact You Spiritually

[Episode 019]

Movies move us.  If they didn’t, we wouldn’t watch them.  If they didn’t, they wouldn’t make them.  And we do, don’t we?  We watch a lot of them.  We want the adrenaline rush without the danger.  We crave the excitement when it doesn’t personally affect us.  Movies stick in our brains.  The visuals, the message, one particular scene.  Here’s someting I do with every movie I watch.



How To Keep Football From Becoming a Spiritual Distraction

Episode 018

I love football.  I’m a diehard Broncos fan.  I rarely miss a game on TV.  Our family attended Broncos training camp just a week ago.  I’ve been in a Fantasy Football League for many years.  I never won but I love it anyway.  So, can there be a spiritual distraction to being such a crazy fan of the game.  Possibly.



Does Your Church Distract You?

[Episode 017]

We go to church so we can grow spiritually.  That’s the idea, anyway.  But have you every gone to a church service that had so much stuff stuffed into it that God is almost a sideline topic.  This is becoming too normal and accepted in modern church culture today.  Church can be a distraction to your own spiritual growth.


6 Ways To Waste God’s Time

[Episode 016]

Time is the only thing all of us have and can’t get back.  Redoing yesterday is not an option for us.  Whatever we did can’t be redone.  Whatever we didn’t do can’t be added into yesterday’s schedule.  Time goes by.  All of us are guilty of wasting time.  But what about wasting God’s time?

waste time

Wasting God’s time